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>> i am a military spouse from the great state of michigan, home of the governor jennifer. we will be representing michigan in tomorrow's inaugural parade. i seen the struggles are military families in door and the importance of making sure our government protect and serve as those who protect and serve us. as an attorney and a dean of one of the top law schools in the midwest, i run an institution that promote access to justice and six to train the next generation of leaders and public servants.
5:01 am
early support from emily's list helped me raise my voice and share my story. the staffer came to michigan looked me in the eye and said he knew i had what it took to win. thanks to her support i was able to earn more votes than any other democratic candidates in the state of michigan. electing pro-choice democratic women meet early support an early investment in young female candidates. it means nurturing us, our careers, and strengthening our ability to lead. it also means recognizing that our vote is our boys. women voters everywhere are
5:02 am
informed and engage in ready to participate. emily's list perseveres and stands for all of us. thank you. >> i am senator tammy baldwin. [applause] thank you. thank you. thank you to all the incredible people in this room who have done so much for me and so much to help elect pro-choice women across this country. i am so proud to be one of nine emily's list women reelected in
5:03 am
2012 to the u.s. senate's and one of 20 women sworn in earlier this month, the most ever in our nation's history. no one runs for senate alone. no one runs for senate alone and wins. i was never alone, not for a single minute. you were with me every single step of the day. back in may 2011 when the senator announced that he was retiring, i convened a conference call to figure out whether there was a way i could step up and run. just like you have been with me for so long, emily's list was
5:04 am
there for me at that moment. you were there day one when i ran for the house of representatives back in 1998. the pundits said i could not win. you were there with me every step of the way. i became the first woman to represents a woman in the house. and on the first day of this long journey you were there for me with sage advice, plenty of encouragement and a commitment to stand with me every single day. you follow it through and then some. thousands of you, your staff, your leadership that was not all. my campaign team developed
5:05 am
their skills at emily's list either from your staff for excellent training. my senior advisers and others alumni working tirelessly on my behalf. there lot of people that doubted that i could win. when ever they did family would say she is been under estimated her entire career. she can do this. if i ever doubt i could win all i had to do was remember they had been with me my whole career. we can do this. there are many people here who did so much i'm going to thank you the best i know how.
5:06 am
i'm going to ask you to do more. in my election night speech i told the crowd that was gather there that i was proud to have the honor of being the first woman elected from wisconsin and proud of the facts i would be the first openly gay member of the united states senate. [applause] i do not run to make history. i ran to make a difference. a difference in the lives of families 75 doric and pay the bills. students who are struggling with debt.
5:07 am
the difference in the lives of veterans who fought for us and need someone fighting for them when they return home from war. the difference in the lives of all intrapreneur is trying to build a business and working people trying to build economic security. i ran to make a difference. i intend to make a difference. just like nobody runs and wins a senate race alone, no one moves a country forward alone. just like i could not have won the election without the people in this very room, we cannot move the nation forward without your continued involvement. look around you in this room today. it is extraordinary. on monday, looked across the mall. everywhere there are women whose leadership can change the
5:08 am
course of history. thousands of them make a decision about whether to seek public office. too many will hear the voices of the senate. those that turn to emily's list for help will find training and support. many will run and many will win. together we will move our nation forward. i am a united states senator tammy baldwin and i am emily. please join me in welcoming my friends and an extraordinary
5:09 am
leader whose tireless work led to the election of women across our nation be president of emily's list. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you to our national co- chair and our coast and sponsors and a special thank you is your council members.
5:10 am
it is always great to see so many good friends, especially when we have so much to celebrate together. look around. this is what making history looks like. it is a senate with 21 men, including the first women senators from massachusetts and hawaii. it is 16 new pro-choice democratic women in congress. it is the first openly gay senator the first asian american woman senator. the first congress women who served in combat.
5:11 am
we have three new women under the age of 40. it is a congress with no alan west, no joe walsh, and no todd akin. we have fought so hard. we have one so much. we have come so far i am so proud as a woman and as an american. make no mistake. we are not done. we are still going to have to
5:12 am
protect our middle-class from devastating cuts to programs that families rely on. we're still going to face threats to workers and voters rights. we're still going to hear phrases like legitimate rape and trans vaginal probe. it does not listen to reason. they sure do not learn from experience. if they remain as dangerous as ever. i have had enough playing defense. enough. we have earned this at the table many times over. now it is our time to take our place at the head of the table. this was a mandate for women's leadership. our lives were under attack.
5:13 am
our candidates ran and won across the country. our vote proved decisive in electing the president. now it is our turn to drive the conversation. [applause] nobody works harder to turn out women's voters and emily's list. nobody knows more about why they voted the way they did. they stood up not just to preserve the right to make their own health care decisions but to secure equal pay for equal work, it to protect medicare for seniors and to build an economy that works for the middle class. that is exactly what we should expect from washington.
5:14 am
i am proud to say we have a president we can count on it. president obama has taken strong stands with women and families on health care, equality, economic security. he appointed two fantastic women to the united states supreme court. he chose his biggest rival to be his biggest partner on the world stage. we are so proud of hillary clinton. president obama trusts women and women can trust president obama. we have reason to feel good about where we stand today.
5:15 am
with the movements like the one we have built together we have reason to aim high in the years to come. last cycle we more than quintupled its the size of our community. we were using technology to open our doors to another generation of women and men where we meet up. we are reaching them where they are, helping them understand what is at stake and adding their voices to our movement. i am proud to say that emily's list is now more than 2 million members strong. let's make it 5 million. let's do it.
5:16 am
i want to see emily's list expand to the next cycle. i literally mean right now. immediately. there are donor cards at your table and candidates who need to now. we are in the business of winning elections. i have been in that business awhile now. i have opened a lot of envelops from emily's list of donors. i have seen a lot. i have accepted speeches and i have helped make a few republicans give them. this is the difference between joe walsh and tammy, between
5:17 am
todd akin and claire mccaskill, between mitt romney and barack obama. it matters. that is why even as campaigns evolve, our committment to winning will never change. nuts and bolts matter. we will continue to be there at the moments that matter most. we were there from the start in massachusetts. i answered all of elizabeth warrants questions about running for office would be like. she decided to run anyway. we were there in wisconsin when everyone else saw tammy baldwin
5:18 am
as a long shot. i think they're close to did not think she had a shock at all. now they're calling her senate term. we read their in new hampshire for years building a pipeline of great candidates. new hampshire has and all women delegation led by a great democratic woman. we will be there to hold republicans accountable when they threaten our rights. we will be there to stand with our candidates when karl rove goes on the attack. we will be there in the final
5:19 am
moments when mobilizing women voters makes all of the difference. the only thing that will change is that we want more members joining our cause, up more pro- choice women coming up through the pipeline. candidatess list running up and down the ballot. most of all, more nights like the ones we had on november 6. emily's list has been leading this fight for 28 years. we have seen so many milestones. we have stood by so many amazing women.
5:20 am
we stepped in to help women take the next step. it started with barbara mikulski and has not stopped since. barbara boxer, kay hagan, elizabeth warren, tammy baldwin, and the numbers keep going. we have seen so many incredible women in this room today. all of those victories have less us to this moment. we are ready to take the next step. we are ready to be the springboard for the next generation of democratic women
5:21 am
leaders. ready to elect more democratic women governors in 2014. ready to help nancy pelosi get her gavel back. ready to put a democratic woman in the oval office. the stars with putting a woman on the democratic ticket in 2016. our goal is within reach. our movement has never been stronger. our time is now. there is strength in numbers and in this room. let's celebrate. tomorrow let's get to work. thank you so much. welcome to the stage all of the amazing emily's list candidates past and present. come on up.
5:22 am
thank you all. ♪ >> i barack obama do solemnly
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
swear -- >> today, the 57 presidential inauguration. as president obama begins his second term, what the public and operations at noon at the west capitol and other festivities, including the capitol luncheon and the afternoon parade. live all day coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. throughout the day, joined the conversation by phone, at facebook, or on twitter. >> coming up, a look at sunday's official swearing in ceremonies. first, joe biden taking the oath of office from justice sonia
5:26 am
sotomayor. then the vice-president and president at the arlington national cemetery. then the president obama officially sworn in for a second term a chief justice john roberts. -- by chief justice john roberts. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states, and dr. biden, accompanied by justice sandra so much york. -- sonia sotomaior. --sotomayor -- tsongas, north --
5:27 am
sonia sotomayor. [applause] >> the vice-president asked that we bless this occasion with a prayer. let us pray. the profit -- prophet mica proclaims -- you have been told what is good and what the board requires a view, only to do justice and to love goodness and to walk humbly with your god. gracious god, at this moment in our history, we ask your blessing on your servant joseph as you reduce your secret -- they all the complexities of our world, a world so beautiful and broken, give him a share of your wisdom says that he can know what is good and give him the
5:28 am
courage to always do what is right. what close by him so he can do justice and labored tirelessly for a more just and gentle world. in power and to be a voice for those without a voice, -- empower him to be a voice for those without a voice. continue to give him humility to call upon you in times of need, and with the gift of fade into him by his family and church, help and to always know of your presence. -- help him to always know of your presence. protect the vice president and our president. we thank you for the blessings of peace and liberty. we honor the sacrifices of our military and foreign service and self-service safeguard these blessings daily.
5:29 am
we renew our pledge as citizens to join them in the labour to join them in the common good. help us to set aside self- interest and to meet one another on a common ground to which you call us. you have given us so much. we humbly offer these disks for the good of others in your greater glory. -- gifts for the good of others and in your greater glory. >> please place your hand on the bible and repeat after me. >> i joseph r. biden jr. do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, i

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